Written Testimonials


IBallAcademy is a place where everyone is happy; you can leave your problems at the door and just be yourself. IBallAcademy has become my security blanket for my son because it is a place where he can feel safe and secure in his own skin. The academy gives him an opportunity to share his experiences and to become a better role model for his peers and younger members. He has learned the importance of volunteering and being culturally open-minded. IBallAcademy means family. It is a place filled with respect for everyone especially from the Trainer Maher Abuawad. When my son stepped on to the court its as if life really begins. I was impressed by all the activities, the groups, the staff, and how easy it was to make friends. My son became hooked and would talk about I ball Academy constantly.

The trainer Maher grabs the kids attention and doesn’t let go. Thru basketball and constant strength training the kids learn to pull thru their inner selves and push thru and complete all tasks that are to be completed in the day. In the end the kids win!

The program that IballAcademy is not only beneficial to the kids but to the parents as well.

– Alfreda Radoncic, Parent

IBallAcademy is a great basketball training service that pushes you mentally, physically and it teaches you more than just basketball. Although it may have the special and advanced equipment that most training services don’t, this program teaches you about characteristics that a well-being needs in life such as discipline, respect, modesty and perseverance. IBallAcademy doesn’t just make you stronger, but rather, it makes the community stronger as a whole and helps build bonds between people with common goals to succeed. And that is the perfect system of training they need to become successful in more than just basketball.

– Yossif Soliman, High School Player

Coming in to IBA I didn’t know what to expect, but it was everything that was promised and more. As a basketball player who really wants to have a future in basketball, I feel IBA gave me the tools I need to succeed. The trainers at IBA not only helped me develop as a basketball player physically, but trained me mentally to never give up not just in basketball but whatever it is I try to do. Incorporating character and moral principles into the seamlessly into game is something I felt I’ve always truly been missing. Now that I have this, there is no limit to what I can achieve. I’d recommend this program for anybody trying to reach their potential in basketball and in life.

– Mahmoud Soliman, High School Varsity Player

IBA was a great experience for me, the head Trainer Maher Abuawad taught me many fascinating skills from dribbling a ball crossing over while throwing a tennis ball in the air to perfecting my game all around. IBA was an amazing experience for me and I definitely recommend it to others and you wont regret it. IBA is the place to go when it comes to perfecting your all around game.

– Kareem Abdelhamid, High School Varsity Player

Iballacademy is an experience to remember. It is a good camp to join. The good thing about the camp is that there is more 1 on 1 coaching so u could get better. I would definitely recommend it to people who want to take their basketball skills to the next level.

– Ebrahim Meky, High School JV Player

My experience with iBallAcademy up to this point has been beyond my expectations. I was amazed at how they were able to take my game to heights I could never imagine reaching. From private sessions, to group sessions, to everything in between, I was certainly able to gain so much more knowledge about the fundamentals of the game. The most important thing to me was actually seeing the progress. After every session, I would go back home and work on the things I had just learned and soon incorporate them in my game. Soon afterwards, I was able to see my self grow day by day as a player. All in all, it can easily be said that iBallAcademy is one of the most prestigious Basketball training programs around. I highly recommend anyone looking to take their game to another level to contact them and start working out as soon as possible!

– Salah Malik, High School Player

My overall opinion of IballAcademy is that I love it! The training from Maher is really showing and I can just feel more confident now with the skills he is giving me. Although, I did cut from my high school team I still feel as if these skills give me an intangible over other players that did make it. With continuation of this program, we can definitely break down my game and find out what is keeping me back from being that outbreak player I know I am. The trainers are really dedicated to what they do at Iball always making an effort on and off the court with their students. But what really got me is that the relationship is not just a student to teacher but yet a brother to brother bond. It really does give an illusion of family when I’m on the court with these Iballers. Again, overall this program is great and I would love to see this academy expand more and eventually make a competitive AAU team for it’s students so we can get the chance to be put out there and maybe be scouted for the future.

– Tareq Salimi, High School Player

iBallAcademy is a great program for anyone looking to take basketball on a next level. From beginners to advanced workouts, lead trainer, Maher Abuawad provides great conditioning and motivation to his trainees. Talking from personal experience, Maher has taught me to be a better leader, not only on the court, but in the real world. The way he instills his knowledge in someone can be used in our scholarly academic careers. Many people do not realize, when you train for a sport, you’re also training to become a leader, team player, etc.

I personally enjoyed my time with iBallAcademy. One of my family friends also trained with iBallAcademy, and Maher taught him well. Maher, also a former college player knows how to motivate his trainees. As an expert at the sport, he can scope out an individuals strengths and weaknesses. All in all, to become the best, you have to train with the best. iBallAcademy will help you reach your goal(s).

– Humza Nomani, College Student / Player

When I was 10, I started playing basketball and I was always terrible. I mean, I had the heart and drive and most of all love for the game. Although, drive, heart and love for the game is good, it wouldn’t make me better. So, for four years I’ve been watching basketball videos and practicing for hours, but that never made me good. Then, I met Maher Abuawad when he came to our School to give us an hour promotional IBA lesson. From then, I was hooked to these lessons. I contacted Maher directly to get private sessions and at this point I could not shoot or dribble at all and a couple of weeks later I can do dribble moves, shoot shots I would’ve never made. Also, I was more confident in my shot and myself. I always thought talent was something you were born with, but iba taught me talent is made. Michael Jordan said there is little point in practicing without practicing the right way –this is the iba way. The trainer is a great coach as well and help me work and find the talent within myself. This is my experience with iba.

– Omar Mostafa, High School Player

Iba in my opinion was one of the greatest programs I have ever joined. It taught me how to play basketball better than ever. Also it taught me life lessons that i still use to this day. When I think of iba, I think of the great teacher that taught me everything I know about basketball and helped when I needed it most.

– Kenan Ahmemulic, High School Player

After years of many different basketball camps and academies nothing was the same as Iba. As a former Iba student to me it was an amazing basketball experience. Using the same techniques and skill training used by pros this academy made me much better at basketball and I’m sure it will be the same for you.

-Maysara Elazzazi, High School Player