Basketball Training Overview

Player Evaluation

A. Player’s Skill Level – How strong are their fundamentals?
Triple Threat, Jab Steps, Universal Position, Defense, Ball Handling, Lay ups, Jump Shot, Passing (Left hand & right hand).

B. Players Weaknesses – What do they need to be well-rounded? What does the player think their own weaknesses are? What are they missing?

C. Basketball IQ, court vision and player awareness on the court

D. Understanding Individual Intangibles

E. Physical Conditioning, explosiveness, lateral movement, vertical and endurance level

F. Mental strength and ability to adjust


A. Specifically design drills for individual player(s) to work on weaknesses, filling in the gaps.

B. Team – 2+ per group for coordination drills to work on team work

C. Team lead drills to work on basketball IQ

D.  Advanced individual and customizable “Target Training” and “Target Learning” sessions/programs